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Minnesota Youth Convention

2022 MYC information coming soon!!

MYC is an amazing event students can attend on October 21-23, 2021!

  MYC is a great opportunity for students to get away, hear amazing messages, join in awesome worship, strengthen friendships, and grow closer to God.

 This year (2021) students will gather in Rochester, MN at the Civic Center. The theme is Moments. Really focusing on having a moment together. A moment that shakes students to the core, radically transforming their lives. We want this to be a moment in their walk with God where change really did happen.



1) MASK (Just in Case anywhere we go requires them)

2) Change of Clothes for at least 2 days

3) Draw string bag for any of your belongings

4) Water Bottle

5) Money for Speed the Light Offering 

6) Money for Meals (These are not Included)



Registration Closed


Thursday October 21

10:30 - Meet at Current Youth Building

3PM-6PM: CHECK-IN @ Civic Center and Hotel

7:30PM: SESSION I w/ Tim Somers

10:30PM: Late Night with GAWVI

Friday October 22

8AM-NOON: Flag Football Tournament @ Rochester Assembly

1:30PM: Session II w/ Peter Reeves

7:00PM: Session III w/ Tim Somers

11-11:30PM: Various Late Night Activities

Saturday October 23

 8AM-9:30AM: Riverside Small Groups with Leaders

3PM: Arrival Back to Riverside