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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What time is service? 

We just have one service and that starts at 9:30am. People do however, like to come earlier to enjoy a free cup of coffee and some cookies! 

How long is your service?

Our service is from 9:30-11:00am, but we do sometimes go a little longer. We like to allow plenty of time during worship to let the Holy Spirit freely move. 

What does a service consist of? 

When you first get here, we invite you to enjoy some coffee and cookies! Then, at 9:30, we all head into our sanctuary for a little time to meet those around you and right after that we go into a time of worship which is followed by, announcments, offering, and then the sermon. Even though the structure of each service is the same, God does something new each Sunday. 

What is there for my kids? 

If you have a kid that is in grades K-5th, we have a super amazing kids class upstairs for them! At Riverkids we want to ensure that they are having a super fun time, but our most important focus, is making sure that they are encountering Jesus every week!

What is there for my baby and/or my toddler?

If you have a baby and/or toddler, we have an awesome nursery for them to go to before service starts! There is a place where you will check in your child to ensure that drop off and pickup is organized and safe:) 

What Spiritual, adult growth opportunities outside of church are there? 

The second saturday of each month we have our morning, womens and mens connects! Click either link, to find out more info! Womens Connect. Mens Connect.

We also have a Wednesday night program that starts at 6:30 and goes until 8:00. Youth (6th-12th) meet in our Riverside Youth building next door of the church. Kids and Adults are in the main church building. Kids (K-5th) can go have fun upstairs in RootedKids. Babies and toddlers can go into the nursery to play with our nusery ladies. Adults meet at 6:30 for a time of fellowship, prayer, and breakout classes.

What denomination are we and what are our beliefs? 

We strongly enocourage you to check out our "Who We Are" page to find the answer to this question more in depth. Click WHO WE ARE for more info!